• Press on the power button (1) for 3 seconds to turn the toy on and off. The tongue will automatically start moving when turned on.

  • Short press the power button (1) to alternate between the different tongue movements.

  • Short press the button (2) to activate and alternate between the vibration modes.

Put a few drops of your favorite water-based lubricant on your clitoris.

Place the Bise on your vulva, positioning the tongue on your clitoris and select a tongue speed mode as well as a vibration mode.


  • Plug the USB cable into a computer or a rechargeable USB brick of maximum 5V | 1A | 5W.

  • Connect the magnetic extremity of the charging cable to the charging port (3) on the toy.

  • Do not use while charging.

Additional information


Length: 9.4 cm

Width: 8.1 cm

Length of the head: 5.3 cm

Width of the head: 3.3 cm


4 speed levels

6 vibration modes

Charging / Power

Non-removable rechargeable battery, with USB wire included.

Battery life

60-80 minutes

Fully charge in 90 minutes.

Water resistance

IPX6 — Water resistant, but not submersible.


Less than 50db


Silicone | ABS

Cleaning & storage

  • Clean before and after using.

  • Use a cloth with warm water on it. Do NOT submerge in water.

  • Let air dry.

  • Avoid direct sunlight.

  • Store in a dust-free environment.

  • Do not store with other silicone toys.


  • Do NOT submerge in water.

  • Do NOT use massage oil, hand cream, or cleaning products.

  • Use lubricant that does NOT contain silicone only.

  • Keep away from children’s reach — to avoid awkward situations.

  • Stop using it if you feel uncomfortable or if the toy is broken or damaged.

  • Charge using a port of maximum 5V | 1A | 5W only.

90 day warranty

Any questions?