• Insert the penis inside the toy.

  • It is highly recommended to apply lube when using.

Coat your penis with your favorite water-based lubricant.

Insert your lubricated penis into the Charnel of your choice and move back and forth with your hand as usual.

Additional information


Length: 8 cm

Width: 4.8 cm

Length, when fully stretched: 37 cm

Width, when fully stretched: 15 cm

Water resistance

Fully submersible



Cleaning & storage

  • Clean before and after using.

  • Use a cloth with warm water on it.

  • Can be submerged in water and washed with hand soap.

  • Let air dry.

  • Avoid direct sunlight.

  • Store in a dust-free environment.

  • Do not store with other silicone toys.


  • Do NOT use massage oil, hand cream, or cleaning products.

  • Use lubricant that does NOT contain silicone only.

  • Keep away from children’s reach — to avoid awkward situations.

  • Stop using it if you feel uncomfortable or if the toy is broken or damaged

  • Made for external stimulation only.

90 day warranty

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